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Benefits Of Working With Simon IT

Hassle FREE IT Services

We go above and beyond to get the job done right the first time. No hassles, no problems.

24/7 Live Support

A live person will answer your call day or night. Your employees can request help via email or by phone.

Compliance, No Problem

We understand the complexities of compliance, we can work with you to meet your companies compliance requirements, such as NY SHIELD, HIPAA, NIST, PCI, ISO and others.

Our Services

Managed IT Services

Our Managed IT Services provide comprehensive, proactive support designed to keep your business's technology infrastructure running smoothly and efficiently. By entrusting your IT operations to us, you gain a partner who actively monitors, manages, and maintains all aspects of your IT environment.

Managed IT Services

Cybersecurity Services

Fortify your digital defenses with our cutting-edge Cybersecurity services. In an era where cyber threats evolve daily, our team of experts provides robust protection for your business, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your critical data. From proactive threat detection and response to comprehensive risk assessments and employee training, we offer a holistic approach to cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity Services

Data Backup & Recovery Services

Ensure your business's resilience with our Data Backup & Recovery Services. In today's data-driven world, the ability to quickly recover from data loss is crucial. Our services provide comprehensive solutions for backing up your critical data securely, both on-site and in the cloud, ensuring it's always accessible when needed.

Data Backup & Recovery Services

VoIP Phone Systems

Transform your communication with our VoIP Phone Systems, offering flexible, scalable, and cost-effective solutions for businesses of all sizes. Enjoy crystal-clear call quality, advanced features like voicemail-to-email, and seamless integration with your existing business applications.

VoIP Phone Systems

6 Big Reasons to Choose
Simon IT to Support
Your Computer Network


No Geek-Speak

You deserve to get answers to your questions in PLAIN ENGLISH, not in confusing technical terms. Our technicians will also not talk down to you or make you feel stupid because you don't understand how all this "technology" works. That's our job!


Partnership to Grow

As a business you want to keep your company focused on growing your company. Our job is to leverage technology to enhance your business operation and growth. We use our consulting and IT support skills to help bring technology to your fingertips.


Professional and Reliable

We pride ourselves on fast and reliable IT support services. We do not keep you waiting around to get a response and make sure to find a solution within a reasonable time. Communication is the key to a successful business relationship.


Proactive Approach

At Simon IT we stay on top of your IT infrastructure. We anticipate problems before they happen and take preventative measures to avoid all downtime. With a proactive approach comes with us notifying you with full honesty.


Peace Of Mind

Because we monitor all of our clients' networks 24/7/365, you never have to worry that a virus has spread, a hacker has broken in or a backup has failed to perform. We watch over your entire network, taking the management and hassle of maintaining it off your hands. This frees you to focus on your customers and running your business, not on your IT systems, security, and backups.


Professional Service

Our certified team of technology experts will always put your IT support needs first. We strive to find permanent solutions for the current issues and help you grow your business. Big or small, we give the highest standard of IT service.

About Simon IT

At Simon IT, we believe that technology should work for you. We strive to provide top-notch IT services for businesses of all sizes that require reliable and secure IT services. We understand that in today's fast-paced world, IT plays a vital role in the functioning, security and success of a business. That's why our team of experts leverages innovative technologies and proven methodologies to provide our clients with unmatched IT consulting and management services. Our solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of your business, ensuring you get maximum value for your investment.

Simon IT is a full-service IT company that provides top-notch IT support and services to businesses of all sizes. Our team of experts are dedicated to helping you meet your IT needs with the utmost efficiency and professionalism. We focus on providing custom solutions tailored specifically to your business, and are committed to helping you grow and succeed. With our team behind you, you can be sure that your IT systems and operations are in good hands.